English Language, Computer Literacy and soft business skills are key factors of success in today's challenging business world. In a world heading towards internet of things and global communication networks being an every day fact; an increasing number of young and mature professionals are finding difficulty in acquiring skills needed for today's global economy.

At Tarek Amer School , we are proud of being part of an educational tradition dating back to 1997. we have helped hundreds of students in Egypt, Qatar, USA and Belarus in advancing their careers and enjoying the real pleasure of knowledge. At Tarek Amer School we are skilled in the art of Education.

Whether you are searching for a job, Seeking to enhance your career or shifting towards Computer programming and engineering. We can be your ideal partner helping you in acquiring the necessary skills to achieve your goals

At  Tarek Amer School we believe that Knowledge is a right for every human on this planet.

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Tarek Amer School
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