English for IT Professionals


What is the course ?

This course is designed for IT Professionals who wish to study or work in the information technology field and need a powerful command of English language in the fields of Programming, Web development, Systems Engineering and Technical support.


How many Levels ?

Before enrolling into the course; you will set for an English language level determination exam. Based on IELTS exam system. With reference to your score you will be able to join the correspondent English language level to your language knowledge level. The course is 3 levels , each level is 200 hours

Course educational materials ?

We use the following Materials to deliver this course

1- Cambridge professional English in use : ICT

2- Cambridge English Grammar in Use

3- Cambridge English vocabulary in Use


Why Take the course ?

English for IT Professionals can help students who wish to work in one of the following IT fields

1- Programming

2- Web Development

3- Systems Engineering and Aministration : Linux or Windows

4- Graphic design and animation

5- Helpdesk and Technical support.

Course Registration ?

You can register for the course as the following :

1- Call Us on 29 714 4302 from inside Belarus

2- Book a time for your free English Language level determination exam

3- Visit us at Fabrichnaya St. Building No. 7 Office No. 5 to set for the exam

4- Set for the exam and determine your level

5- Select course intensity and frequency that suits you

6- Know your course cost

7- Pay course fees at our Bank account in Belveb Bank Belarus

8- Get Ready ! Start the Adventure !


Course duration ?

Each Course is 3 levels

Each level is 200 hours

Duration of course is based on intensity of your study plan. For example if you choose to study with the intense study plan (3 hours daily , 5 days a week); One level should take you almost 3.5 Months.


Course Cost ?

Our Standard Cost is $5 per hour. Including studying materials, printouts, audio, video and electronic books. Based on course intensity your monthly cost will be as the following:

1- Normal : 2 times per week : 2 hours each time : 16 hours per month : $80 per month

2- Medium : 3 times per week : 2 hours each time : 24 hours per month : $120 per month

3- Intense : 3 times per week : 3 hours each time : 36 hours per month : $180 per month

4- Daily : 5 times per week : 3 hours each time : 16 hours per month : $300 per month

Exam and Certification ?

Upon completing each level, you will set for level exam to determine your progress.